The new Funeral Carriage.

The Loopkoets is a dutch design from 2005. It is developed for people to assit on the day of the funeral and transport the deceased during the last trip to the cemetery or crematorium.

Advantages of the Loopkoets:

  • beautiful, quiet, solid, with a traditional appearance
  • sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • minimum maintenance
  • available in any RAL colour
  • ergonomically driven by 4 to 6 people
  • ergonomically designed to help children participate
  • solid rubber-tyre-sized wheels
  • easy to move on armoured roads and gravel
  • safe handbrake
  • leaf springs
  • oversized coffins are no problem.
  • coffin with or without legs is no problem
  • the deceased lies at a dignified height both during the farewell service and during transport

In 2018 the 72 Loopkoetsen in The Netherlands were used at more than 12,000 funerals.

For all questions, information and requests, please contact us.


The appearance of the carriage is protected by a European design protection and will be officially registered in the Register of Community Designs under the number 000510292-0001. Unauthorized counterfeiting will be prosecuted.